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Free Flow

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Free Flow

 This is the home of our crew Free Flow. This crew so far consists of Me(Michael), Chris, A.J. and Curtis. 
What is parkour?
        Parkour is the art of movement. in which one overcomes the obstacles in his/her surroundings in the most quick, efficient and flowing way. It encompasses running, jumping, vaulting and climbing to overcome those obstacles. Parkour can be performed without special equipment, in any environment, both natural and man-made. It requires one to develop and utilize strength, balance, agility and fluidity, and apply them with prudence, awareness, control, and cool-headedness.

What is street stunts?
      Street stunts is more of a stationary practice. It involves performing acrobatic moves such as flips rolls spins etc. in our urban enviroment.

New stuff!

I just added our videos to
To see any of them type in Night at the gym.

Hey I finished editing our 2nd movie. Not as good but has more variety of stuff than last time. Head to the vids section and download it.

We got a new member! His name is A.J.  Welcome!

WE MADE OUR FIRST VID please go to vids section and download it.

WE FOUND A GYM TO TRAIN AT!!! We'll be going to train at Taiso and going to their Drop in program maybe once or twice a week. We'll probaly make a sampler or something there.

We can't use brady's schools gym :( guess we'll have to keep on looking.

My friend Brady is going to ask his Vice principal/principal if we can train at his school (Greystone). Hopefully we'll be able to train there.

Mr.Shepard said we can't use the gym :(  . He doesn't want us flipping and stuff and Curt can't afford gymnatsics so guess we're gonna have to find someplace else to practice wich is gonna be hard.

We got a new member! Chris has joined and wants to start on free running and street stunts.

Me and curt asked Mr.Shepard (Our vice principal and teacher) If we could use the school gym to practice our parkour and street stunts. He's gonna think about it.

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If you have any Comments plz e-mail me or curt at and

Our Parkour/Street stunts Crew